Statue of Nilambar and Pitambar
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8th Foundation Day
8th Foundation Day
8th Foundation Day
New B.A.(H.Sc., Hindi, Khortha, Kurux, Phil., Psychology, Sanskrit & Urdu Hons.) IInd year result of 2015-16 Session.  New M.A.(Economics) and M.Sc.(Physics) Ist year result of 2015-16 Session is available online.  New B.A.(English and Economics) IInd year result of 2015-16 session is available online. 
Schedule for N.P. University Students' Union (Indirect Election)-2016. 

Nilamber-Pitabmer University is a nascent but vigorous state university catering to the aspiring students of the Palamu, Garhwa and Latehar districts in the state of Jharkhand. Established in 2009, it operates 15 Post-graduate departments besides the usual undergraduate, technical and vocational curricula like Dental, Journalism, Engineering, and B.Ed., to fulfill the long standing needs of higher education for the talented but generally deprived populace of this underprivileged area. With a distinguished and dedicated faculty cluster in each of the postgraduate departments, the university is looking forward to establishing a new benchmark of excellence and achievement in the academic world.

The courses are being imparted at a nominal fee in accordance with the pragmatic state government policies. Plus, there are special incentives for girl candidates. The university has a rich library with a large collection of seminal books and periodicals. The science departments have their own state-of-the-art laboratories with facilities for exposure of students to the latest happenings in their respective fields. Regular field trips and seminars are also arranged in the departments concerned to update the knowledge base of the scholars